Flatout 2 World. Riverbay Circuit.

These race tracks, aged, with emptied of seats, but still not lost its purpose and therefore still attracting racers. Each of them wants to beat tracks, competitors, and himself. Well designed, with the perfect cover - they do not leave a place chance. Only You, track, opponent and a bit trash).
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Riverbay Circuit 1
Riverbay Circuit 2
Riverbay Circuit 3

Records of Riverbay Circuit 1
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:58:25
Race class:00:53:92
Street class:00:51:48
Cars without class:00:40:61
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:51:44
Race class:00:45:85
Street class:00:44:33
Cars without class:00:37:53
Records of Riverbay Circuit 2
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:45:23
Race class:00:43:12
Street class:00:40:76
Cars without class:00:31:59
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:40:20
Race class:00:35:60
Street class:00:34:76
Cars without class:00:28:99
Records of Riverbay Circuit 3
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:43:91
Race class:00:41:49
Street class:00:38:74
Cars without class:00:31:52
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:38:93
Race class:00:34:58
Street class:00:33:90
Cars without class:00:29:20