Flatout 2 World. City Central.

Roads, encased in concrete jungle of the city. Here, the fittest survive. Multitude of complex and technically places: treacherous descents, climbs, flyovers, underground parking, parks, parking lots, construction sites, gas stations. And all this in the great city world. There are opportunities where carousing imagination and experience skilled player.
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City Central 1
City Central 2
City Central 3

Records of City Central 1
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:53:13
Race class:00:49:02
Street class:00:45:69
Cars without class:00:35:85
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:47:69
Race class:00:40:89
Street class:00:38:48
Cars without class:00:34:12
Records of City Central 2
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:42:38
Race class:00:39:45
Street class:00:35:04
Cars without class:00:25:86
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:39:22
Race class:00:32:67
Street class:00:29:25
Cars without class:00:23:81
Records of City Central 3
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:53:63
Race class:00:50:92
Street class:00:47:50
Cars without class:00:39:15
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:47:61
Race class:00:42:85
Street class:00:41:64
Cars without class:00:36:95