Flatout 2 World. Midwest Ranch.

These races take place during the autumn harvest. Tracks feature muddy roads with occasional tarmac surfaces along with hay bales, barns and rural farm areas.
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Midwest Ranch 1
Midwest Ranch 2
Midwest Ranch 3

Records of Midwest Ranch 1
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:40:57
Race class:00:38:74
Street class:00:36:66
Cars without class:00:30:03
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:35:68
Race class:00:31:95
Street class:00:30:63
Cars without class:00:28:63
Records of Midwest Ranch 2
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:47:38
Race class:00:44:01
Street class:00:42:28
Cars without class:00:34:25
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:41:94
Race class:00:36:23
Street class:00:34:88
Cars without class:00:32:43
Records of Midwest Ranch 3
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:38:60
Race class:00:36:39
Street class:00:33:28
Cars without class:00:23:74
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:35:35
Race class:00:28:63
Street class:00:26:84
Cars without class:00:22:06