Flatout 2 World. Pinegrove.

Long, straight, twisted turns with a height difference, a lot of jumps and places where only the risk and luck can bring victory. All this - high mountain forests, which prepare us a lot of surprises. Felled trees and rock falls, trash and enemies, unpredictably challenging tracks and fresh air - all that is needed for the intriguing races.
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Pinegrove 1
Pinegrove 2
Pinegrove 3

Records of Pinegrove 1
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:46:92
Race class:00:45:53
Street class:00:42:99
Cars without class:00:33:72
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:42:65
Race class:00:37:94
Street class:00:36:01
Cars without class:00:30:39
Records of Pinegrove 2
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:46:58
Race class:00:44:80
Street class:00:43:19
Cars without class:00:36:12
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:42:65
Race class:00:38:94
Street class:00:38:13
Cars without class:00:32:35
Records of Pinegrove 3
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:57:02
Race class:00:53:77
Street class:00:51:06
Cars without class:00:42:86
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:51:82
Race class:00:46:50
Street class:00:44:79
Cars without class:00:41:11