Flatout 2 World. Arena.

Unique loops arena with a different cover, with little length, with sloppy tight crowd of opponents, and with infinitely add nitro .... What else is needed for happiness? These tracks will distract us from the best seconds and ideal driving. Here you can relax and remember that flatout2 - it's not a racing simulator, but and most insane game in the universe!
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Figure Of Eight 1
Triloop Special
Sand Speedway
Figure Of Eight 2
Crash Alley
Speedway Left
Speedway Right
Speedway Special

Records of Figure Of Eight 1
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:22:96
Race class:00:21:26
Street class:00:19:63
Cars without class:00:13:75
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:20:48
Race class:00:17:52
Street class:00:16:83
Cars without class:00:12:96
Records of Triloop Special
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:28:89
Race class:00:27:71
Street class:00:25:75
Cars without class:00:16:78
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:25:68
Race class:00:20:97
Street class:00:19:74
Cars without class:00:15:95
Records of Speedbowl
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:30:70
Race class:00:29:27
Street class:00:27:97
Cars without class:00:22:64
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:29:02
Race class:00:26:06
Street class:00:25:89
Cars without class:00:21:61
Records of Sand Speedway
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:13:05
Race class:00:11:57
Street class:00:11:14
Cars without class:00:07:86
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:13:05
Race class:00:11:51
Street class:00:10:21
Cars without class:00:07:39
Records of Figure Of Eight 2
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:20:91
Race class:00:19:94
Street class:00:18:87
Cars without class:00:14:17
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:18:46
Race class:00:16:00
Street class:00:16:49
Cars without class:00:14:00
Records of Crash Alley
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:20:74
Race class:00:18:74
Street class:00:18:38
Cars without class:00:14:57
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:17:81
Race class:00:15:05
Street class:00:16:23
Cars without class:00:15:13
Records of Speedway Left
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:27:14
Race class:00:23:94
Street class:00:20:63
Cars without class:00:13:18
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:25:89
Race class:00:22:49
Street class:00:19:91
Cars without class:00:12:92
Records of Speedway Right
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:27:15
Race class:00:23:95
Street class:00:20:66
Cars without class:00:13:30
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:26:30
Race class:00:22:42
Street class:00:20:00
Cars without class:00:12:98
Records of Speedway Special
Nitro 0x
Derby class:00:35:62
Race class:00:32:94
Street class:00:31:49
Cars without class:00:23:14
Nitro 2x
Derby class:00:32:19
Race class:00:27:85
Street class:00:28:23
Cars without class:00:21:61